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Recent research comparing the effectiveness of various anti-obesity medications found that phentermine resulted in the highest amount of weight loss over a 12-week period*


Our Appetite Suppressant Tablets have been a firm favourite with our patients for over 40 years! They work by targeting the appetite centre of the brain thus reducing both your hunger and your craving for unhealthy foods. Our Doctor will prescribe the appropriate strength of either Phentermine or Diethylpropion (often known as DP) based on your medical history.


Research has shown Ozempic could reduce body weight by up to 20%, achieving the same results as weight loss surgery.**


Our weekly weight loss injection works to reduce your appetite by slowing down digestion, making you feel fuller for longer.

In the long term, this helps to reduce body weight and fatty food cravings when used with a healthy diet and exercise regime.


1 in 3 people will achieve a weight loss of 10% or more, when compared to dieting alone.*


Our daily weight loss injection is clinically proven and works by safely controlling your hunger through acting on receptors in the appetite control centre of the brain.
As well as this, the weight loss injection also postpones the emptying of your stomach, causing you to feel fuller quicker and for a longer period of time

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Personal Weight Loss

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Our weight loss programmes are specially selected for you, tailored to meet your unique requirements to help you safely lose weight and maintain the loss, which can be boosted by our weight loss supplements when recommended.

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Our GMC-Registered doctors prescribe clinically proven weight loss injections. These work by safely controlling your hunger through acting on receptors in the appetite control centre of the brain.

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You will receive regular, tailored advice from your Slimming Clinic doctor in your 1-to-1 appointments to ensure that weight loss injections continue to be the best weight loss treatment for you, alongside your tailored weight loss support.

How Does It Work?


Online Medical Assessment


Our online form makes it easy to submit the information our doctors require

Doctor Led Weight Loss


Our doctors will review the information you submit and prescribe accordingly

Medical Weight Loss


Your prescription will be delivered to you in plain packaging via courier

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Get extra help via an online appointment with our GMC registered doctors for an additional fee

Weight Loss Story Jessica

Name: Jessica Hollingsworth-Smith
Starting Weight: 14st 10lbs
Current Weight: 12st 7lbs
Weight Loss: 2st 3lbs

I had been unhappy for a number of years and had tried and failed at dieting a few times. My weight reached 14st 10lbs and I realised I had to do something about it.


Previously I had tried a few diets and going to the gym, as well as eating healthier, but it just didn’t seem to work for me, and I just couldn’t stick to it long enough to see real results.

Weight Loss Story Jessica


I’ve been overweight for about 8 years now, after having my first child. Before having children, I had always been really slim so putting on weight was really hard for me to accept.


Knowing that I had to do something properly to help myself lose weight, I saw The Slimming Clinic online and thought I should try it. As I had failed at many diets before, I decided that this was my last chance to help myself and my health.


At first, I was very sceptical about how they could help me and taking medication, but I can honestly say that it was the best decision I have ever made. The staff and the Doctors at the clinic are all great and really keep you motivated with the praise they give you on your journey.


Since losing weight with The Slimming Clinic, I am much more active and go to the gym 3-4 times per week. I love to take my children swimming each week now, which I would never do before, as I hated the way I looked.


My friends and family are so proud of my achievements and how wellI have done.I have so much more confidence now with what I wear too, and don’t just buy baggy clothes to cover myself up any more and my energy is so high!


If you’re thinking of joining The Slimming Clinic I would say don’t give in to temptation, but give yourself a treat every now and again and try to fit in exercise–as it really helps! 




Frequently Asked Questions

Doctor Charlotte Norton

What if you can’t prescribe to me?

Our GMC-registered doctors will review the information that you send us. In most cases they will be able to prescribe right away. If they have any questions they will reach out to you. If we can’t prescribe we will issue you a full refund. At all stages we will keep you posted.  



How will I know that my medication has been sent? 

Once you have completed our online prescription request form, it will be reviewed by one of our GMC-registered doctors. Medication is usually dispatched within 24 hours of approval



Is weight loss injections safe?

Yes; all medication is prescribed by a doctor who will thoroughly reviewed the information that you have provided and ensure that you are suitable for weight loss medication.



How do I use this Weight loss “Pen”?

The weight loss pen is administered by yourself into the layer of fat under the skin on either your stomach, thigh or upper arm. Depending on your weight loss requirements, your dedicated Slimming Clinic doctor will advise exactly how high a dosage of the weight loss medication you will need. Most often, we start with a low dosage and as your tolerance for the medication increases, we are able to increase your dosage for maximum weight loss effects.

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